Recruitment for this study has now closed.

Purpose of the study

  • Many people with depression still feel depressed despite taking antidepressant medications. 
  • Scientific evidence has shown a link between inflammation and depression. We also know that stress alters the immune system, and that the immune system may be important in the link between stress and depression.
  • This study aims to develop a blood test which can identify how immune cells in the blood are altered in depression so that, in the future, we can offer people experiencing depression more personalised care and treatments, depending on their blood test results.
  • We aim to recruit approximately 30 people currently experiencing depression and taking antidepressants, 30 people currently experiencing depression but not on antidepressants, and 30 people who have never experienced depression, to attend for a study visit.

What does this study involve? 

    • You will be asked to make one visit to one of the study sites, on either the Addenbrooke’s Hospital campus in Cambridge, or the CPFT Windsor Research Unit located on the Fulbourn Hospital Site, UK.
    • You will have to fast overnight (10 hours) before the study visit.
    • At the visit, you will be asked questions about your mental health.
    • You will provide blood and urine samples.      

Potential benefits of taking part 

If you take part in the study visit you will receive £100 for your time and effort, plus your travel expenses

Potential disadvantages of taking part

The questionnaires, blood sampling and other medical tests are low risk for your health.

Will I be eligible to take part? 

We are planning to study both people who are currently experiencing depression and people who have never experienced depression (the “control group” below). We have listed some of the key criteria below:  

  • Aged between 18 and 60 years inclusive 
  • Body mass index (BMI) of 18 or above              
  • Not currently diagnosed with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or an eating disorder
  • Not currently pregnant or breast-feeding
  • Not using recreational drugs other than tobacco and alcohol
  • To be eligible for the “control group”, you must never have been treated for a mental health condition.
  • To be eligible for the group experiencing depression, you need to be currently depressed. We are recruiting both people who are taking, and those not currently taking, antidepressant medication       
  • If you have other medical diagnoses, you may still be able to take part as long as these conditions are under control at the moment. 

Participant Information Sheet

The Participant Information Sheet (embedded below) has a lot more detailed information on the study including details of the visit. Please read it through carefully before submitting your details.